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Kind Reader, Robert Half Consultancy is one of the leading global providers of specialized professional staffing and consulting services. With years of experience in the industry, Robert Half Consultancy is committed to helping businesses find the right talent to drive success. From finance and accounting to technology and legal, the consultancy provides customized solutions to meet the unique needs of clients across a range of industries and sectors. As a trusted partner to businesses around the world, Robert Half Consultancy is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and expertise to ensure optimal outcomes.

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Who is Robert Half Consultancy?

robert-half-consultancy,Robert Half Consultancy

Robert Half Consultancy is one of the world’s leading staffing services providers, and has been helping job seekers and companies alike with their recruitment needs for over 70 years. Today, Robert Half Consultancy is present in more than 300 locations worldwide with their global corporate headquarters located in Menlo Park, California, USA, and operates nine divisions, each specializing in a different recruitment area.

Business Units of Robert Half Consultancy

Robert Half Consultancy operates in a diverse range of recruitment areas, each with its unique characteristics and target clientele.

Here are the top business units of Robert Half Consultancy:

  1. Accountemps: As the world’s first specialized temporary staffing service for accounting, finance and bookkeeping professionals,

    Accountemps provides highly skilled temporary accounting and finance professionals on a project or interim basis.

  2. Randstad: Randstad is the world’s largest HR consultancy firm, with an estimated 38,820 employees worldwide, providing temporary and permanent recruitment placement for Client companies of all sizes and in all industry sectors.
  3. Robert Half Management Resources : Specializing in senior-level accounting and finance professionals on a project or interim basis,
  4. OfficeTeam: OfficeTeam is the world’s leading Office Support and administrative staffing service, providing skilled clerical, secretarial and admin support professionals to Client companies of all sizes.
  5. Robert Half Technology : Providing comprehensive IT recruitment services ranging from project specialists to top-level executives, Robert Half Technology is the go-to department for high-caliber years of experience in IT staffing services.
  6. Robert Half Legal : Specializing in the placement of highly skilled legal professionals, Robert Half Legal has been

    connecting top law firms and corporate legal teams with the talent they need to drive their firms’ most important legal operations since 1998.

  7. The Creative Group : The Creative Group is the world’s largest creative and marketing specialist staffing company, providing skilled creative, marketing and advertising professionals on a project or interim basis, as well as for full-time hire.

Expertise and Services Offered by Robert Half Consultancy

robert-half-consultancy,Expertise and Services Offered by Robert Half Consultancy

Robert Half Consultancy is a premier provider of staffing, recruitment, and consulting solutions to a wide range of industries. Their expertise spans across various sectors, including accounting, finance, banking, technology, creative & marketing, and legal. Their services go beyond traditional staffing solutions as they offer a comprehensive suite of workforce solutions to enable organizations to build and manage a skilled team.

Accounting and Finance

Robert Half Consultancy is a pioneer in the accounting and finance industry, with over 70 years of experience in this sector. They provide highly skilled and talented professionals who can drive the success of an organization and help them navigate through the complexities of financial regulations.

Banking and Financial Services

Robert Half Consultancy is also a leading provider of banking and financial services staffing solutions. They offer exceptional talent who possess the required skills to excel in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry. Their candidates are equipped with the latest knowledge in finance, accounting, risk, compliance, and regulatory issues.


Robert Half Consultancy is committed to delivering innovative IT staffing solutions to their clients. They provide highly skilled IT professionals who possess a deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies. They offer expertise in software development, infrastructure management, cybersecurity, project management, and more.

Creative and Marketing

Robert Half Consultancy understands the importance of creativity and innovation in today’s fast-paced business environment. They offer top-notch creative and marketing professionals who can help organizations build a strong brand image, create engaging content, and drive business growth.


Robert Half Consultancy’s legal staffing solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the legal industry. They offer highly skilled and experienced legal professionals who can excel in a variety of roles, including paralegals, lawyers, legal assistants, and more.

1Staffing solutions
2Recruitment solutions
3Consulting solutions
4Managed solutions
5Workforce solutions
6Temporary staffing
7Contract staffing
8Direct hire staffing
1Founded in 1948
2Specializes in staffing and consulting solutions
3Operates in over 400 locations worldwide
4Offers services in accounting and finance, technology, creative, legal, and administrative fields
5Ranked as one of the largest staffing firms in the United States
6Provides training and development programs for employees and clients

Robert Half Consultancy Specializations

robert-half-consultancy,Robert Half Consultancy Specializations

Robert Half has carved a niche in the recruitment market by offering staffing services in various professional fields. The company provides staffing solutions in diverse areas such as finance and accounting, legal, technology, creative and marketing, office administration, and human resources.

Finance and Accounting

The finance and accounting division of Robert Half Consultancy is a game-changer in the finance job market. The expertise of the company in financial recruitment is evident in the average financial salaries guide that it provides every year. The finance recruitment process is thorough and dynamic, with Robert Half providing consultants to clients in need of skilled and experienced financial experts. Robert Half matches and recommends candidates with fantastic pay packages in consulting, tax, audit and advisory, controllership, financial planning, and analysis.


Robert Half’s legal expertise covers all aspects of legal staffing, offering specialized contract consulting recruitment for diverse projects. With its broad-based understanding of all specialties and niches in the legal industry, Robert Half Consultancy is the right partner to find qualified candidates. The company aims to provide the right candidate for every role, filling temporary and permanent job positions.

The Benefits of Working with Robert Half Consultancy

robert-half-consultancy,The Benefits of Working with Robert Half Consultancy

Robert Half Consultancy is a global staff recruiting firm that specializes in matching top-level professionals with leading firms across the world. The following are the reasons why job seekers and companies alike should consider working with Robert Half Consultancy in fulfilling their employment and staffing needs.

For Job Seekers

If you are looking for a new job or you want to make a career change, Robert Half Consultancy can help you find the right fit. The firm has a large network of businesses and organizations that are actively looking for qualified candidates. This means that you have a higher chance of getting hired compared to traditional job search methods. The company’s recruiters are also experts in their respective fields and can provide career advice and guidance.

For Companies

Partnering with Robert Half Consultancy for staffing needs offers numerous benefits for companies. Aside from gaining access to a larger pool of qualified candidates, the firm’s recruiters also provide assistance in every step of the hiring process. From job postings to interviewing and negotiating job offers, Robert Half Consultancy can help streamline the recruitment process.

Robert Half Consultancy’s expertise and years of experience in matching job seekers and companies are proven to be effective and efficient.

Robert Half Consultancy: Job Opportunities

robert-half-consultancy,Robert Half Consultancy: Job Opportunities

Robert Half Consultancy offers job opportunities to professionals who want to grow their career through the company’s various fields of expertise. The company hires for the following positions:

1. Administrative Support

Robert Half Consultancy offers a wide range of administrative jobs, from receptionists to administrative assistants, who handle clerical tasks, document preparation, and data entry. These positions require attention to detail, time-management skills, and familiarity with computer programs.

2. Accounting and Finance

Robert Half Consultancy provides accounting and finance job opportunities to skilled professionals who can handle financial reporting, budget analysis, and accounting software. The company hires for various roles, including financial analyst, tax accountant, payroll specialist, and many more.

3. Technology and IT

Robert Half Consultancy offers technology and IT-related jobs that cover various fields such as web development, programming, hardware, and software engineering. The company seeks tech professionals who can work proficiently with different programming languages and tools such as Python, JavaScript, C#, and more.

4. Legal

The legal team of Robert Half Consultancy handles different challenging tasks, including litigation, risk management, and regulatory compliance. The company offers legal jobs such as legal assistant, paralegal, attorney, and documentation specialist, among others.

5. Marketing and Creative

Robert Half Consultancy provides creative and marketing job opportunities for individuals who can design and develop visually appealing and engaging materials that help businesses grow. The firm seeks candidates who have experience with social media marketing, graphic design, content creation, and digital marketing, among others.

6. Human Resources

Robert Half Consultancy hires for human resources positions which include a wide range of roles such as HR analysts, compensation managers, recruiters, and HR generalists. These positions require strong leadership and communication skills as well as a deep understanding of HR policies and regulations.

7. Operations and Supply Chain

The operations and supply chain team of Robert Half Consultancy provide businesses with efficient and cost-effective services. The company hires for positions such as supply chain analyst, operations manager, logistics specialist, and purchasing coordinator, among others.

NoLSI Keywords
1Job Opportunities
2Administrative Support
3Accounting and Finance
4Technology and IT
6Marketing and Creative
7Human Resources
8Operations and Supply Chain

Salary information at Robert Half Consultancy

robert-half-consultancy,Salary at Robert Half Consultancy

Salary is always an important consideration when it comes to choosing a career or job. Robert Half Consultancy offers a competitive compensation package to their employees. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a consultant at Robert Half is around $60,000 per year. In addition to base salary, they offer several additional benefits and bonuses, such as flexible work arrangements, paid time off, healthcare, retirement plans and more.

Salary Range

The salary range for Robert Half Consultancy employees varies depending on the job title and location. Below is the estimated salary range based on job titles:

NoJob TitleSalary Range (per year)
1Consultant$45,000 – $110,000
2Associate Consultant$35,000 – $70,000
3Senior Consultant$80,000 – $150,000

Note: The salary range may change and it is best to confirm with the company the exact amount.

Bonuses and Benefits

Robert Half Consultancy offers several additional benefits and bonuses to their employees. Below are the common benefits:

  • Flexible work arrangements (work from home, flexible hours)
  • Healthcare (medical, dental, vision)
  • Retirement plans (401(k) plan)
  • Paid time off (vacation, sick days, holidays)
  • Professional development (training, certifications)

They also offer additional bonuses to their consultants, such as referral bonus, signing bonus and performance-based bonus.

Robust Job Search Resources

robert-half-consultancy,Robust Job Search Resources

Robert Half Consultancy offers robust job search resources at the job seekers’ disposal. These include valuable tips on interviews, a library of resume templates, salaries guide, and a blog stacked with job search-related content. Job hunters could find a job through the following ways:

Online Job Search

Robert Half Consultancy offers free access to their online job portal, where job seekers can create their profiles and gain access to many job listings that go beyond their agency. The job portal includes numerous postings from various industries, salary ranges, and work experience. With their simple online application process, job seekers could quickly apply to many jobs.

Career Coaching

Looking to build your career but don’t know where to begin? Robert Half Consultancy offers career coaching to help job seekers go beyond just landing a job but also aid in personal development goals. Career coaching may include discussing professional goals, identifying skills gap, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and ongoing mentoring for self-improvement.

For individuals transitioning into a new career or merely looking to building their professional network, career coaching is an invaluable tool in today’s job market. Robert Half Puts Individuals on the path to success and enables them with the skills necessary to achieve their professional goals.

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Robert Half Consultancy FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Robert Half Consultancy:

1. Who is Robert Half?

Robert Half is a global professional staffing and consulting firm, founded in 1948.

2. What services does Robert Half offer?

Robert Half offers staffing, recruitment, consulting, and outsourcing services.

3. How can I contact Robert Half?

You can contact Robert Half by phone, email, or through their website.

4. What industries does Robert Half specialize in?

Robert Half specializes in a variety of industries, including finance, accounting, technology, legal, and creative.

5. How long has Robert Half been in business?

Robert Half was founded in 1948, and has been in business for over 70 years.

6. What is Robert Half’s mission?

Robert Half’s mission is to provide excellent staffing and consulting services to their clients, while also providing career opportunities for job seekers.

7. How many offices does Robert Half have?

Robert Half has over 300 offices worldwide.

8. What is Robert Half’s company culture like?

Robert Half values diversity, teamwork, and transparency in their company culture.

9. How does Robert Half find qualified candidates?

Robert Half uses a variety of methods to find qualified candidates, including their extensive network, job postings, and referrals.

10. What are the benefits of working with Robert Half?

Benefits of working with Robert Half include their extensive industry knowledge, personalized service, and access to top talent.

11. Can Robert Half assist with remote workforce solutions?

Yes, Robert Half can assist with remote workforce solutions for their clients.

12. Is Robert Half an equal opportunity employer?

Yes, Robert Half is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in their workforce.

13. How does Robert Half ensure confidentiality?

Robert Half takes confidentiality very seriously and has strict policies in place to protect sensitive information.

14. How does Robert Half bill for their services?

Robert Half bills their clients based on an hourly or project basis, depending on the job requirements.

15. What types of roles does Robert Half staff for?

Robert Half staffs for a variety of roles, including temporary, permanent, and contract roles.

16. How does Robert Half screen candidates?

Robert Half screens candidates through a rigorous interview process, including skills assessments and reference checks.

17. Can Robert Half provide background checks?

Yes, Robert Half can provide background checks for their clients.

18. How long does it typically take for Robert Half to staff a position?

The length of time it takes for Robert Half to staff a position depends on the job requirements, but they strive to fill positions as quickly as possible.

19. Can Robert Half assist with onboarding new employees?

Yes, Robert Half can assist with onboarding new employees for their clients.

20. Does Robert Half offer any training or development programs?

Yes, Robert Half offers training and development programs for their employees.

21. Can Robert Half assist with salary negotiations?

Yes, Robert Half can assist with salary negotiations for their clients and candidates.

22. What types of consulting services does Robert Half offer?

Robert Half offers consulting services in finance, accounting, technology, legal, and business.

23. Can Robert Half provide outsourcing services?

Yes, Robert Half can provide outsourcing services for their clients.

24. Does Robert Half offer any job search resources for job seekers?

Yes, Robert Half offers job search resources for job seekers on their website.

25. How can I apply to work for Robert Half?

You can apply to work for Robert Half by submitting your resume and information through their website or by contacting one of their offices.

Looking for the best consultancy services for your business? Check out Robert Half consultancy for top-notch assistance in your field.

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