Invesco Global Consulting: Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Thrive

Kind Reader, Invesco Global Consulting is a leading company in the financial industry, offering innovative investment solutions and professional consulting services to clients worldwide. With over 40 years of expertise in the field, Invesco Global Consulting has established a strong reputation for its commitment to providing top-quality products and services tailored to each client’s individual needs. The company believes in building long-lasting relationships with its clients, based on mutual trust, respect, and integrity.

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Overview of Invesco Global Consulting

invesco-global-consulting,Invesco Global Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting is a consultancy firm that provides its clients advisory and consulting services to help them grow their business in a sustainable manner. The firm operates in various industries, including financial services, technology, healthcare, and energy. It offers a wide range of services, such as risk and compliance consulting, digital strategy consulting, operational consulting, and M&A advisory. With its team of experienced consultants, Invesco Global Consulting ensures its clients receive the best solutions to their business problems.

The History of Invesco Global Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting was founded in 2000 with a vision to help businesses navigate the complex world of management and consulting. Since its inception, the firm has grown steadily to become a leading player in the consultancy industry. Today, it serves clients from across the globe, helping them achieve their business goals.

The Services Offered by Invesco Global Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting provides a wide range of services to businesses looking to grow. Its main service areas include:

  1. Risk and Compliance Consulting: The firm helps clients identify and manage risks associated with their businesses. It also helps them ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  2. Operational Consulting: Invesco Global Consulting helps businesses improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining processes and systems.
  3. M&A Advisory: The firm advises clients on mergers and acquisitions, helping them identify potential targets and negotiating on their behalf.
  4. Strategy Consulting: Invesco Global Consulting helps clients formulate and implement their business strategies, helping them achieve their long-term objectives.
  5. Digital Strategy Consulting: The firm helps businesses leverage digital technologies to improve their operations and create new business models.
  6. Financial Consulting: Invesco Global Consulting provides financial advisory services to businesses looking to raise capital, manage risk, or improve financial performance.
  7. Human Capital Consulting: The firm helps businesses manage their human capital, helping them recruit, retain, and develop talent.

The Benefits of Working with Invesco Global Consulting

Working with Invesco Global Consulting offers several benefits to businesses looking to grow and succeed in their industries. Some of these benefits include:

  • Expertise: Invesco Global Consulting has a team of experienced consultants who have worked with clients from various industries. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their work.
  • Customized Solutions: The firm works with each client to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements.
  • Global Reach: Invesco Global Consulting operates in various regions across the globe. It has a deep understanding of local business environments and cultures.
  • Long-term Partnership: The firm partners with its clients for the long-term, helping them achieve their objectives over time.
  • Value for Money: Invesco Global Consulting provides high-quality consultancy services at a reasonable price, ensuring its clients receive value for their money.

Invesco Global Consulting: Overview and Services

invesco-global-consulting,Invesco Global Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting is a subsidiary of Invesco Ltd, one of the world’s leading investment management firms. The consulting arm of Invesco caters to the needs of institutional investors and high net worth clients globally. The company provides a wide range of investment consulting services across multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed-income securities, alternative investments and real estate. Invesco’s consulting team consists of seasoned investment professionals who have deep expertise in various areas of investments and are adept at providing customized investment solutions to clients depending on their investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Services Offered by Invesco Global Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting provides an array of investment consulting services to its clients. Some of the key services offered by the company are:

Asset Allocation: Invesco’s consulting arm provides advice to clients on asset allocation, which involves spreading investments across different asset classes to achieve diversification of portfolio and reduce risk.

Investment Manager Selection: Invesco Global Consulting assists clients in identifying investment managers who can deliver the required level of performance while adhering to the clients’ risk tolerance levels. The consulting team uses a rigorous selection process to identify best-in-class investment managers across different asset classes.

Performance Monitoring: Invesco monitors the performance of the selected investment managers and assists clients in assessing the performance of their investment portfolios. The company provides detailed reports to clients on the performance of their investments and benchmarks portfolio returns against market indices and peers.

Asset Class Research: Invesco’s consulting team conducts detailed research on various asset classes to help clients to make informed investment decisions based on market trends and industry developments. The company also provides insights into market risks and opportunities.

1Company Name
2Invesco Global Consulting
3Type of firm
4Investment Consulting Firm
5Services offered
6Investment analysis, portfolio management, risk management, retirement planning
8Global presence with headquarters in New York City, USA
9Year established

Expert Team in Invesco Global Consulting

invesco-global-consulting,Invesco Global Consulting Team

One of Invesco Global Consulting’s biggest assets is its expert team and their experience in the field. The team consists of professionals who have in-depth knowledge of portfolio management, alternative investments, risk management, and other areas. Together, they provide a comprehensive suite of investment solutions tailored to meet Institutional and individual investor needs across various global markets.

The Team Members

As per the company’s official website, the team at Invesco Global Consulting comprises over 60 experienced professionals. The majority of team members have more than 20 years of experience in investment banking, consulting, and asset management. Additionally, the firm collaborates with a network of external consultants and industry experts on an ongoing basis, to draw further insights and expertise.

Team’s Experience

The team members at Invesco Global Consulting possess diverse yet complementary expertise. The team’s experience includes several areas, such as asset & wealth management, project management, corporate strategy, risk management, financial technology, and more. They have worked with some of the leading financial institutions, corporations, and universities globally, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to every client engagement.

Services Offered by Invesco Global Consulting

invesco-global-consulting,Services Offered by Invesco Global Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting offers a wide range of services to its clients, which are designed to help them achieve their financial goals. Here are some of the services offered by the company:

Investment Consulting

The company offers investment consulting services to help clients achieve their investment objectives. The team of experts at Invesco Global Consulting provides clients with personalized investment solutions, which suit their specific needs, circumstances, and goals. The investment consulting service offered by the company includes designing investment policies, asset allocation, manager research, and portfolio monitoring.

Actuarial Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting also provides actuarial consulting services to help their clients manage their pension plans, post-retirement benefits, and other programs, which are sensitive to financial risks. The actuarial consulting service offered by the company includes actuarial valuations, benefit calculations, plan design, and funding analysis.

“Invesco Global Consulting’s investment and actuarial consulting services are tailored to meet the needs of their clients, taking into account their specific goals, needs, and circumstances.”

Wealth Management

Invesco Global Consulting also offers wealth management services to individuals and families who want to grow and preserve their wealth while minimizing tax liabilities and managing risks. The wealth management service offered by the company includes financial planning, asset management, tax planning, risk management, and estate planning.

Retirement Planning

The company helps individuals and corporations plan for their retirement future, taking into account all aspects of retirement planning, including lifestyle goals, investment strategy, risk tolerance, and other financial needs and requirements. Invesco Global Consulting’s retirement planning service includes designing retirement plans, managing risks, implementing investment strategies and monitoring the performance of the plan.

Corporate Consulting

The company provides corporate consulting services to help businesses grow, manage financial risks, and comply with regulatory requirements. Corporate consulting services offered by Invesco Global Consulting includes risk management, regulatory compliance, internal controls, financial analysis, and treasury management.

“Invesco Global Consulting helps businesses to achieve their strategic goals, providing them with tailor-made solutions, which are designed to maximize their financial performance and minimize risks.”

Alternative Investment Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting also provides alternative investment consulting services, which help the clients to identify and evaluate alternative investment opportunities, including hedge funds, private equity funds, and real estate assets. The alternative investment consulting services offered by the company includes asset allocation, manager research, due diligence, and risk management.

Education and Training

The company provides education and training services to corporate clients, which are designed to help their employees improve their financial knowledge and skills. The education and training services offered by Invesco Global Consulting include seminars, workshops, and customized training sessions, which focus on various areas of financial management, including investment, risk management, and retirement planning.

Investment Strategies of Invesco Global Consulting

invesco-global-consulting,Investment Strategies of Invesco Global Consulting

One of the key services offered by Invesco Global Consulting is investment management, helping clients to create and implement a comprehensive investment strategy tailored to their unique needs. The firm’s investment philosophy revolves around five key principles: risk management, diversification, active management, flexibility, and alignment.

Risk Management

Invesco Global Consulting believes in managing risk to achieve long-term investment goals. The firm’s investment team is dedicated to identifying, monitoring, and managing risk through a disciplined approach to portfolio construction and ongoing risk management.


The firm believes in the power of diversification to manage risk and generate returns. Invesco Global Consulting creates diversified portfolios with a range of asset classes, investment styles, and geographic regions.

Active Management

Invesco Global Consulting’s investment team is composed of experienced professionals who use a disciplined, active management approach to generate long-term results. By actively managing portfolios, the firm can take advantage of market opportunities and respond to changing market conditions.


Flexibility is key in Invesco Global Consulting’s approach to portfolio management. The firm has the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions, adjust portfolios, and take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.


The firm’s investment team is committed to aligning its interests with those of its clients by offering transparent investment strategies with competitive fees and a focus on long-term results.

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Benefits of Invesco Global Consulting

invesco-global-consulting,Benefits of Invesco Global Consulting

There are several benefits to be gained from investing in Invesco Global Consulting that investors should know. Here are some of them:

1. Professional advice

One of the biggest benefits of turning to Invesco Global Consulting for investment advice is the fact that investors will have access to professional advice from experts in the field. The company has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge in the investment industry. With their advice, investors can get the most out of their investments, while minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

2. Diversification

Invesco Global Consulting offers a range of investment options across various asset classes, countries, and sectors. Diversification is a crucial investment strategy that can minimize risks by spreading investments across different asset classes. This means that investors do not have to rely on one asset or investment vehicle to succeed, which can lead to a more robust portfolio that can withstand market fluctuations.

3. Access to exclusive investment opportunities

Invesco Global Consulting has a large network of contacts in the investment industry. This means that investors can gain access to exclusive investment opportunities that are not available to retail investors. These exclusive opportunities can sometimes yield higher returns than traditional investments, and can also provide good diversification opportunities.

4. Lower fees

Invesco Global Consulting offers lower fees compared to traditional wealth management firms. This is because the company leverages technology to automate a large part of its investment management process. As a result, it can offer these services at lower costs, making it more accessible to a wider range of investors.

5. Transparent and ethical practices

Transparency and ethical practices are two of the guiding principles of Invesco Global Consulting. The company is committed to providing investors with clear and accurate information about its investment decisions. It also keeps investors informed about any changes to its investment strategy, so investors can make informed decisions about their investments. In addition, the company adheres to ethical practices to ensure its investments are aligned with the values and interests of its clients.

Consulting Services Offered by Invesco Global Consulting

invesco-global-consulting,Consulting services offered by Invesco Global Consulting

Whether you’re a startup or a large corporation, Invesco Global Consulting offers a wide range of investment consulting services to meet your unique business goals. Here are some of the consulting services offered by the company:

1. Global Investment Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting offers investment advisory services that include traditional investments, alternatives, and private markets. The firm’s global investment consulting services cater to investors in the Americas, Europe, and Asia with every market sectors. Clients also benefit from top-down and bottom-up manager research, analytics & monitoring, and industrywide multiasset-class portfolio design.

2. Endowment and Foundation Consulting

In addition to various investing services, the team also provides customized advice for endowments and foundations. The consulting firm works with each client to provide a unique institutional strategy through customized risk-based analysis, asset allocation, board governance, capital markets, liability hedging and fund administration guidance.

3. Defined Benefits Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting offers Defined Benefit consulting services for pension funds. This involves a range of actuarial and investment consulting services, from calculating contributions and benefits to managing investment risk. The company provides assistance to both public and private organizations to develop, cast-off and tweak the contribution and benefit programs that indicate their objectives and interests.

4. Wealth Management Consulting

Invesco Global Consulting leverages the expertise of its professionals to offer comprehensive and customized wealth management solutions. This consulting service caters to high-net-worth clients and families by effectively managing risks, creating bespoke asset allocations, and maximizing returns.

The firm’s commitment to excellence and its ability to customize its strategies to meet the needs of its clients has helped establish Invesco Global Consulting as one of the leading investment consulting firms in the world.

Invesco Global Consulting FAQ

Welcome to Invesco Global Consulting FAQ. Please see below for answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our services.

1. What is Invesco Global Consulting?

Invesco Global Consulting provides customized investment consulting services to institutional clients worldwide. Our team of experienced consultants offer investment advice, portfolio construction, and risk management solutions.

2. How can I contact Invesco Global Consulting?

You can contact Invesco Global Consulting by visiting our website and filling out a contact form. You can also call our office directly to speak with one of our consultants.

3. What types of clients does Invesco Global Consulting work with?

We work with a variety of clients, including pension funds, endowments, foundations, and insurance companies. We also work with sovereign wealth funds and investment managers.

4. What sets Invesco Global Consulting apart from other consulting firms?

Our team of consultants has an average of over 20 years of industry experience, which allows us to offer our clients unparalleled expertise and insights. We also pride ourselves on our customized approach to consulting, ensuring that our recommendations are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

5. How does Invesco Global Consulting approach risk management?

We approach risk management by first understanding a client’s risk tolerance and investment goals. We then develop a customized risk management strategy that includes diversification, asset allocation, and regular portfolio monitoring and rebalancing.

6. Can Invesco Global Consulting assist with sustainable investing?

Yes, our team of consultants can assist with sustainable investing by incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into our investment strategies. We can also provide guidance on impact investments and other sustainable investing opportunities.

7. How much does Invesco Global Consulting charge for its services?

Our fees are based on a variety of factors, including the size of the client’s portfolio and the scope of our services. We work with each client to develop a customized fee structure that ensures transparency and fairness.

8. Can Invesco Global Consulting work with clients outside of the United States?

Yes, we work with clients around the world and have offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

9. Does Invesco Global Consulting offer investment management services?

No, we do not offer investment management services. We focus solely on providing investment consulting services to our clients.

10. What is Invesco’s investment philosophy?

Our investment philosophy is centered on active management and a long-term approach to investing. We believe in a disciplined, research-driven investment process that emphasizes risk management and diversification.

11. Can Invesco Global Consulting assist with compliance and regulatory issues?

Yes, our team of consultants has extensive experience navigating complex regulatory and compliance issues. We can provide guidance on compliance-related matters and help clients develop effective risk management strategies.

12. Is it possible to customize Invesco’s investment strategies?

Yes, we offer customized investment solutions based on each client’s unique needs and investment objectives. Our team of consultants work closely with clients to develop customized investment strategies that meet their specific goals.

13. Does Invesco Global Consulting offer any educational resources for clients?

Yes, we offer a variety of educational resources for our clients, including market insights, white papers, and webinars. Our consultants also regularly provide updates on industry trends and developments.

14. Can Invesco Global Consulting help clients with asset allocation?

Yes, one of our key areas of expertise is asset allocation. We work with clients to develop customized asset allocation strategies that help them achieve their investment goals.

15. What is Invesco’s track record of investment performance?

As investment consultants, we do not manage portfolios or provide investment performance, which is attributed to the portfolio’s asset manager(s). However, Invesco has a long history of investment management and has been a trusted partner to institutional clients around the world for over 80 years.

16. How frequently does Invesco Global Consulting review client portfolios?

We review client portfolios regularly, typically on a quarterly basis. We may also review portfolios more frequently in response to market fluctuations or other events that may impact a client’s investment strategy.

17. How does Invesco Global Consulting select its investment managers?

We have a rigorous due diligence process for selecting investment managers that includes a thorough analysis of their investment philosophy, research capabilities, and risk management practices. We also assess their track record and performance history.

18. Can Invesco Global Consulting assist with investment policy development?

Yes, we can assist clients with developing an investment policy statement (IPS) that outlines their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and strategy. We also provide guidance on regular updates and revisions to the IPS.

19. What happens if a client is dissatisfied with Invesco Global Consulting’s services?

We strive to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied with our services. If a client is dissatisfied, we will work with them to address the issue and find a mutually agreeable solution.

20. Is Invesco Global Consulting a fiduciary?

Yes, we are a fiduciary and operate under a strict code of ethics that puts our clients’ interests first.

21. How long does the Invesco Global Consulting engagement typically last?

Engagements with clients vary in length depending on their needs and objectives. We work with clients to develop customized solutions that meet their specific goals, which can involve both short- and long-term planning.

22. How does Invesco Global Consulting stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments?

We have a team of dedicated research analysts who monitor industry trends and developments, as well as the macroeconomic environment. We also leverage our global network of investment professionals and partner firms for insights and ideas.

23. Can Invesco Global Consulting assist with defined benefit plan management?

Yes, we can assist with defined benefit plan management and provide guidance on asset-liability matching, funding status analysis, and other key issues related to defined benefit plans.

24. How does Invesco Global Consulting work with clients to develop investment strategies?

We work with clients to develop investment strategies by first understanding their investment goals, risk tolerance, and other specific needs. We then leverage our expertise and industry insights to develop customized investment strategies that help clients achieve their goals.

25. What is Invesco Global Consulting’s approach to client communication?

We believe in transparent communication with our clients and provide regular updates and reporting on portfolio performance and market developments. We also offer personalized client servicing and support to ensure that our clients feel heard and valued.

Looking for expert consulting services? Check out Invesco Global Consulting for all your financial needs.

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Thank you for taking the time to read about Invesco Global Consulting. We hope that you found the information we shared helpful and informative. Our goal is to provide expert advice and insights for investors looking to achieve their financial goals. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please visit us again soon. We appreciate your interest and look forward to welcoming you back soon.

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