The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Netsuite Technical Consultant

Hello Kind Reader! If you’re looking for someone to help address the technical challenges of your NetSuite platform, then a NetSuite Technical Consultant might just be the best solution for you. A consultant is a valuable addition to any business or organization that utilizes the NetSuite platform for their daily operations. With the expertise and knowledge of a consultant, you can optimize and streamline your NetSuite system to improve efficiency and productivity.

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What is a Netsuite Technical Consultant?

netsuite-technical-consultant,Netsuite Technical Consultant

A Netsuite Technical Consultant is a professional with expertise in the implementation, customization, and maintenance of Netsuite software solutions. They possess extensive knowledge of Netsuite platform, its modules and functionalities. Netsuite Technical Consultant provides technical support, offers consulting services and helps businesses to achieve their objectives on automating their processes with the use of Netsuite platform.

Key Responsibilities of Netsuite Technical Consultant

A Netsuite Technical Consultant’s work with businesses to help them achieve their aims in the following ways:

  1. Assessing a company’s business requirements and processes and recommending the best Netsuite solutions for their specific needs.
  2. Providing solutions with customized requirements based on the specific business processes and industry.
  3. Providing detailed documentation as well as training to business counterparts/users, therefore, ensuring adaptation of changes with the new system and processes.
  4. Analyzing and resolving technical issues or bugs in the system and integrations between Netsuite and other software systems.

Skills Required by a Netsuite Technical Consultant

A Netsuite Technical Consultant must possess the following skills:

1Deep understanding of Netsuite modules and features – Financial Management, Order Processing, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, etc.
2Excellent Technical and functional capability for consultative problem solving and resolution knowledge and understanding of JavaScript would be an added advantage.
3Experience working across different industries and domains understanding business process knowledge of ERP’s/CRM’s is a plus.
4Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, excellent project management, and customer service skills.
5Ability to create and present technical documents and training materials.

What Does a NetSuite Technical Consultant Do?

netsuite-technical-consultant,NetSuite Technical Consultant

A NetSuite technical consultant is a professional who is responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining the NetSuite software for an organization. They assist clients in the implementation of the software and make sure that it aligns perfectly with the business requirements. The consultant helps clients gain a better understanding of the features included in NetSuite, adapt to the latest industry trends, and optimize the use of the software to increase productivity and efficiency.

NetSuite technical consultants can also be tasked with advancing and improving the internal systems of the organization. They are required to evaluate the needs of each department and implement software solutions that meet the needs of that particular department.

Key responsibilities of a NetSuite technical consultant

A NetSuite technical consultant must be proficient in various technical aspects of NetSuite. Their primary responsibilities include:

NoNetSuite Technical Consultant task
1Understanding the overall functioning of NetSuite
2Assisting in the implementation and customization of NetSuite
3Helping clients with technical support and maintenance of NetSuite
4Analyzing the needs and requirements of clients to provide customized software solutions
5Developing training modules for clients to ensure the optimal use of NetSuite
6Performing regular NetSuite audits to identify and rectify issues
7Providing consultations on the latest industry trends and updates to clients

Skills required for NetSuite technical consultants

NetSuite technical consultants must possess an advanced understanding of the technical aspects of the software to deliver effective solutions. Skills required for NetSuite technical consultants include:

  • Thorough knowledge of NetSuite technical aspects
  • Experience in software implementation and maintenance
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills to explain technical concepts to clients
  • Flexibility to adapt to changes in technology and the industry
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Time management and organizational skills
1The job title is “Netsuite Technical Consultant”.
2The job requires expertise in Netsuite ERP system, programming languages such as SuiteScript, SuiteFlow and SuiteTalk, and web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
3The main responsibilities include providing technical consultation to clients, developing and implementing customized Netsuite solutions, and providing technical support and training.
4The job requires strong communication, problem-solving and project management skills.
5The job may require travel to client sites.
6The job typically requires a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field.

Top Skills and Qualities of a NetSuite Technical Consultant

netsuite-technical-consultant,skills and qualities of netsuite technical consultant

NetSuite Technical Consultants are highly required in implementing and configuring NetSuite systems. To succeed in the role, certain skills and characteristics are needed. Listed below are some of the top qualities and skills a NetSuite technical consultant should possess to effectively carry out the job and give the best service to clients.

1. Technical Aptitude and Expertise

A NetSuite Technical Consultant should have a strong technical aptitude, the ability to learn new programming languages, and the ability to apply that knowledge to the systems under review. NetSuite Technical Consultants must be familiar with software development lifecycles, scripts, workflows, and customizations. They should also have practical experience in areas such as integration strategies and API usage.

2. Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills

To solve clients’ and systems’ problems, NetSuite Technical Consultants must be able to analyze and determine the root cause of problems, as well as solve them. Advanced problem-solving skills and analytical abilities are essential, enabling the consultant to identify solutions that are both efficient and effective.

3. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

NetSuite Technical Consultant work in various teams such as project teams, technical teams, and business teams. Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential for NetSuite Technical Consultants. They should have excellent listening and communication skills that allow them to explain complex technical details in simple terms to clients, colleagues, and non-technical business staff.

4. Knowledge of Business Processes

NetSuite Technical Consultants must have an understanding of the business processes they are supporting as they work closely with clients to deliver solutions tailored to their needs. They should understand concepts such as supply chain management, order fulfillment, and financial management. The consultant must be able to understand a client’s business goals and recommend solutions that align with those goals.

5. Attention to Detail

The role of a NetSuite Technical Consultant may require them to work with software code, data, and reports with a high level of detail. Attention to detail is critical for the accurate configuration and management of NetSuite systems. As a result, an excellent NetSuite Technical Consultant must always be paying attention to details.

6. Project Management Skills

NetSuite Technical Consultants should be well-versed in project management techniques to successfully oversee the implementation of software projects. They need to have experience with project management methodologies and be competent in project planning, team leadership, risk management, and communication.

7. Customer Service Skills

Consultants must provide excellent customer service and establish trust with clients. Technical Services Consultant needs to be responsive and communicative, able to understand clients’ pain points and deliver timely, effective solutions. Strong customer service skills not only help keep clients happy, but lead to repeat business and positive referrals.

Technical Skills of a NetSuite Technical Consultant

netsuite-technical-consultant,Technical Skills of a NetSuite Technical Consultant

A NetSuite Technical Consultant is responsible for providing technical solutions for NetSuite implementation and ensuring that the software operates effectively. This requires a deep understanding of NetSuite capabilities and functionality, as well as technical expertise in various programming languages and frameworks. Some of the technical skills required for a NetSuite Technical Consultant are as follows:

1. NetSuite SuiteScript

NetSuite SuiteScript is an API that allows developers to create custom applications and business logic within the NetSuite platform. A NetSuite Technical Consultant must be proficient in SuiteScript to be able to customize and extend NetSuite functionality as per business requirements.

2. NetSuite SuiteTalk

NetSuite SuiteTalk is a web services API that enables integration between NetSuite and other systems. NetSuite Technical Consultant must have expertise in using SuiteTalk for integration and customization of NetSuite. They should be familiar with SOAP and REST protocols, XML, and other related technologies.

3. NetSuite Saved Searches

NetSuite saved searches provide a way to search and filter data in NetSuite. A NetSuite Technical Consultant should have expertise in creating and optimizing saved searches to improve NetSuite performance and enhance user experience.

4. NetSuite Workflows

NetSuite workflows automate business processes within NetSuite. A NetSuite Technical Consultant should have expertise in designing and implementing workflows to streamline business processes and improve efficiency.

5. JavaScript and Java

A NetSuite Technical Consultant should be proficient in JavaScript and Java programming languages as they are used to develop customizations, integrations, and extensions within the NetSuite platform.

6. Web Development Technologies

A NetSuite Technical Consultant should have knowledge of web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and AngularJS.

7. Database Management

A NetSuite Technical Consultant must have a solid understanding of database management and database design principles as they work with NetSuite’s integrated relational database.

NetSuite Technical Consultants must possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as a strong knowledge of NetSuite platform and technical expertise in programming languages, web development technologies, and database management.



What Does a NetSuite Technical Consultant Do?

netsuite-technical-consultant,NetSuite Technical Consultant

A NetSuite Technical Consultant is responsible for analyzing business requirements and designing/configuring and delivering NetSuite integration solutions. These consultants are also responsible for customization, implementation, and technical support of the NetSuite platform, as well as third-party tools that integrate with it. As experts in NetSuite, Technical Consultants help customers improve their workflows, automate tasks, streamlining business processes for the entire organization. Furthermore, the four key responsibilities of a NetSuite Technical Consultant are:

1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis

As part of their role, NetSuite Technical Consultants must understand the customer’s needs and requirements, including identifying their business challenges and goals. The consultant will then provide recommendations and design solutions to meet their specific requirements. Sometimes the consultant may suggest a third-party application integration or custom application development to achieve the desired outcome.

2. Configuration and Integration

Once the design layout has been agreed upon, the Technical Consultant would implement, configure, and integrate the various applications that the customer uses. They will also ensure that every application is properly integrated and that all functionality is configured according to agreed specifications. The consultant will perform tests, troubleshoot any arising issues, and ensure all data is accurately synchronized between all platforms.

3. Customization and Development

NetSuite Technical Consultants create customizations and provide development services to make sure the customer software runs efficiently. They work closely with the customer to enhance their solutions by developing custom applications or integrations that are tailored to their specific requirement. Additionally, they may create tailored scripts and workflows, and design custom reports that meet a customer’s specific needs.

4. Maintenance and Support

After the implementation phase, the Technical Consultant will provide post-implementation support and maintenance activities. These consultants provide ongoing support and troubleshooting for the duration of the system’s runtime. NetSuite Technical Consultants also keep customers informed on developments within NetSuite and provide recommendations for upgrade or new functionality.

Why Hire a Netsuite Technical Consultant?

netsuite-technical-consultant,Why Hire a Netsuite Technical Consultant

If you are planning to implement Netsuite in your organization, it is highly recommended that you hire a Netsuite technical consultant. Here are some reasons why:

1. Technical Expertise

A Netsuite technical consultant is an expert in all technical aspects of the Netsuite software. They have extensive knowledge of Netsuite implementation, customization, and integration. They can also troubleshoot any issues that your organization may face with Netsuite.

2. Time and Cost Savings

Hiring a Netsuite technical consultant can save you both time and money in the long run. They can help streamline your implementation and avoid costly mistakes that may arise from a lack of experience with the software.

3. Customization

A Netsuite technical consultant can help tailor the software to meet the specific needs of your organization. They can also provide guidance on best practices and industry-specific configurations.

4. Data Migration

If your organization is migrating from a legacy system, a Netsuite technical consultant can assist with data mapping and transfer. They can ensure that all data is migrated seamlessly and accurately.

5. Training

A Netsuite technical consultant can provide training and support to ensure that your organization is fully utilizing the software’s capabilities. They can also provide ongoing support to help your organization stay up-to-date with the latest features and updates.

6. Integration

A Netsuite technical consultant can assist with integrating Netsuite with other software systems that your organization uses. This can help streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Skills of a NetSuite Technical Consultant

netsuite-technical-consultant,Skills of a NetSuite Technical Consultant

NetSuite technical consultants must possess a specific set of skills to offer the best solutions to clients. These skills include:

1. NetSuite Expertise

NetSuite technical consultants must possess comprehensive knowledge of the NetSuite platform, including customizations, configurations, integrations, and SuiteApps. They must know how to work with SuiteTalk, RESTlets, SuiteFlow, and other SuiteCloud technology tools.

2. Technical Knowledge

NetSuite technical consultants need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology advancements and industry-specific trends. They must have strong programming skills and know how to work with scripting languages like SuiteScript and JavaScript. They must also be proficient in agile development methodologies in case of project deployment.

3. Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills

Technical consultants should be analytical and should have strong problem-solving abilities. They should be able to identify and fix issues in complicated and intricate systems easily. It is essential to identify and analyze the root cause of problems, diagnose issues quickly and offer effective solutions. A technical consultant should be resourceful, taking both a creative and analytical approach to find solutions.

4. Communication Skills

NetSuite technical consultants should have excellent communication & presentation skills as they will be working with clients directly. They should be capable of translating technical jargon into layman’s terms to make clients understand their recommendations. They should be able to handle client demos, meetings, and training sessions effectively with their communication skills. a NetSuite Technical Consultant should be truly adept at explaining complex project details and solutions to clients, whether through written or verbal communication.

5. Project Management Skills

NetSuite technical consultants must have excellent organizational, planning, and project management skills to oversee end to end project deployment by collaborating with cross functional teams. They must track project timelines and ensure project milestones are delivered as per plan.

Frequently Asked Questions about NetSuite Technical Consultant

1. Who is a NetSuite technical consultant?

A NetSuite technical consultant is a professional who has expertise in NetSuite’s technical features and is capable of delivering solution-related requirements of NetSuite users.

2. What are the responsibilities of a NetSuite technical consultant?

A NetSuite technical consultant is responsible for providing consistent solutions to the client’s enterprise.

3. What is the role of a NetSuite technical consultant?

The role of a NetSuite technical consultant is to maintain a consistent, reliable and efficient workflow of software governance throughout the enterprise.

4. Why do I need a NetSuite technical consultant?

You need a NetSuite technical consultant to get expert advice and support for your NetSuite implementation and management.

5. What should I look for when hiring a NetSuite technical consultant?

You should look for a NetSuite technical consultant who has experience working in a similar business environment to yours, is certified in NetSuite and has good communication skills.

6. What technical skills should a NetSuite technical consultant have?

A NetSuite technical consultant should possess skills such as ERP, CRM, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SuiteScript development.

7. What is SuiteScript?

SuiteScript is NetSuite’s proprietary scripting language that allows developers to customize the platform to meet specific business requirements.

8. What kind of support can I expect from a NetSuite technical consultant?

A NetSuite technical consultant can provide support for NetSuite implementation, configuration, custom development, integration, and ongoing maintenance.

9. How much does it cost to hire a NetSuite technical consultant?

The cost of hiring a NetSuite technical consultant depends on the complexity of your business needs and the extent of the services provided.

10. How long does it take to implement NetSuite?

The length of time it takes to implement NetSuite depends on the complexity of your business processes and the level of customization involved.

11. How does a NetSuite technical consultant customize NetSuite for my business?

A NetSuite technical consultant uses SuiteScript and other NetSuite development tools to customize NetSuite based on the specific needs of your business.

12. What is a SuiteBundle?

A SuiteBundle is a collection of NetSuite customizations packaged together for easy deployment.

13. How does a NetSuite technical consultant integrate NetSuite with other systems?

A NetSuite technical consultant uses NetSuite’s integration tools and APIs to connect NetSuite with other systems such as third-party software and e-commerce platforms.

14. What is SuiteCloud?

SuiteCloud is a cloud-based platform that provides developers with the tools and resources to build, deploy and manage SuiteApps and integrations on the NetSuite platform.

15. How does a NetSuite technical consultant provide ongoing support?

A NetSuite technical consultant provides ongoing support through remote assistance, training, and regular platform updates.

16. What is the NetSuite release process?

The NetSuite release process is a schedule of updates and upgrades to the NetSuite platform that introduce new features and functionality or improve existing ones.

17. What is the NetSuite TBA?

The NetSuite TBA (Two-Browser Architecture) is a security feature that separates confidential data from public content by isolating them in two different browser sessions.

18. How secure is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a highly secure platform that uses advanced technologies such as SSL encryption and Two-Factor Authentication to ensure data privacy and security.

19. What is the NetSuite sandbox environment?

The NetSuite sandbox environment is a testing environment where developers can make changes to NetSuite without affecting the live environment.

20. What is the NetSuite SuiteSuccess methodology?

The NetSuite SuiteSuccess methodology is a best-practices approach to NetSuite implementation that aims to provide customized solutions for specific industries and business processes.

21. What is the NetSuite OpenAir module?

The NetSuite OpenAir module is a cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) software that helps businesses manage and optimize their services operations.

22. What is the NetSuite SuiteCommerce module?

The NetSuite SuiteCommerce module is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that enables businesses to create and manage online stores, marketplaces, and other digital commerce channels.

23. What is the NetSuite OneWorld module?

The NetSuite OneWorld module is a global business management software that enables businesses to manage multiple subsidiaries, currencies, and tax regulations in a unified platform.

24. What is the NetSuite SuiteTalk API?

The NetSuite SuiteTalk API is a web services-based integration tool that enables developers to connect NetSuite with external applications and systems.

25. How can I get NetSuite technical consultation services?

You can get NetSuite technical consultation services from certified NetSuite partners and consultants. Contact us for further information.

If you are looking for an expert in Netsuite, you might want to consider hiring a Netsuite technical consultant to help you streamline your business processes and optimize your use of Netsuite.

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