Is Morning Consult Reliable? Experts Weigh In

Kind Reader, have you ever wondered if Morning Consult is a reliable source for information? Morning Consult is a popular data intelligence company that provides research and insights to businesses, policymakers, and media organizations. But how accurate and trustworthy is their data? Many people have different opinions about the reliability of Morning Consult, so let’s take a closer look at what makes them stand out and whether or not they can be trusted.

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What is Morning Consult?

is-morning-consult-reliable,What is Morning Consult?

Morning Consult is a global data intelligence company established in 2013 by Michael Ramlet and Kyle Dropp. The company specializes in proprietary online surveys that enable decision-making for various businesses and politicians. Moreover, Morning Consult provides an extensive range of data products and research services designed to help clients answer specific market and policy questions.

How does Morning Consult Work?

The company is powered by the Morning Consult Brand Intelligence platform, which is used by Fortune 500 companies, leading academic institutions, and top political leaders worldwide. Morning Consult Brand Intelligence offers various products and services, such as custom research studies, brand tracking, ad testing, and message testing. The company uses several state-of-the-art tools to help clients collect, monitor, and analyze data. These tools include artificial intelligence algorithms, natural language processing, sentiment analysis and more to make sense of the data

Why is Morning Consult Unique?

Morning Consult’s strength and uniqueness are its proprietary algorithms and methodology for collecting data and analyzing it. The company has gained trust from clients because it consistently produces high-quality and timely research. Additionally, the company has developed a loyal and active online user panel estimated over 100,000, which allows it to collect information on various topics on demand and with impressive speed while reducing the effect of survey fatigue.

Is Morning Consult Reliable

is-morning-consult-reliable,Is Morning Consult Reliable?

Morning Consult is one of the fastest-growing market research companies globally, and its data analytics and research products and services are held in high esteem. Customers are attracted to Morning Consult’s data intelligence platform by its accuracy and reliability in providing quality survey and research services. Therefore, the company’s reliability has become one of its strongest selling points.

Methodology and Transparency

“Morning Consult’s methodology and research are highly transparent and meticulously executed, making the company a preferred research partner to several Fortune 500 firms and major media outlets.”

The Company’s survey methodology and transparency are among the primary reasons why it is highly regarded by business organizations, academic partners, and government institutions. Morning Consult provides detailed descriptions of its approach to data collection and analysis, as well as any potential limitations.

Accurate Predictions on Elections and Public Opinion

“Morning Consult has a reliable track record of producing accurate predictions on public opinion and electoral outcomes.”

Morning Consult also gains reliability from its track record of accurate predictions. Its data-driven research approach has allowed key stakeholders in various industries to have an in-depth understanding of public opinion and electoral outcomes. Morning Consult’s political polls, consumer insights, and trend analysis are the backbone of several media outlets, and business organizations worldwide rely on its insights to make data-driven decisions.

Methodology of Morning Consult

is-morning-consult-reliable,Methodology of Morning Consult

Morning Consult is a media and survey research company that provides data-driven insights on various industries and brands. It utilizes an online survey platform that features a vast network of respondents that represent the population of the United States. The firm carries out surveys via email invitations, strategically targeted Facebook and Instagram advertisements and posts, and various partnerships.

Quality of Data Collection

Morning Consult has a diverse group of respondents that accurately represents the population of the United States in terms of age, gender, and ethnicity. Besides, respondents are regularly rotated to guarantee a fresh sample. The company’s surveys’ response rates are also high, which translates to higher data accuracy.

NoSourceNote“Their panels for consumer, political, and general survey sites are made up of over 2.5 million respondents who participate in surveys, matching the characteristics of the US population as closely as possible. They follow a strict privacy policy, and their surveys are voluntary”
2Capterra“Morning Consult controls for self-selection bias using quotas based on demographic and geographic data to ensure that all voices are equally represented. With more than 2 million deep profiles, Morning Consult can build fully customizable surveys that are unique to each client’s needs.”

Validity of Survey Design

Morning Consult designs its surveys using rigorous scientific methodologies that ensure high data validity. The survey questions are crafted with utmost care to avoid any bias and allow for diverse respondent answers. Besides, the platform allows customization of surveys, making the research more specific and aligned with the client’s objectives.

Third-Party Data Partnerships

Morning Consult has established partnerships with leading data companies to ensure that its surveys’ data matches their clients’ objectives. The partnerships allow the extrapolation of data from Morning Consult’s system to other intelligence platforms, providing clients with actionable insights that enable them to make strategic business decisions.

1The Morning Consult is an American survey research firm that conducts public opinion polling on behalf of leading brands, media companies, trade associations, and political campaigns.
2The company has received positive reviews from major news organizations, including The New York Times and Politico.
3Morning Consult is a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and adheres to its professional standards.
4The company has accurately predicted election outcomes in the past, but like all polling firms, is subject to margin of error.
5Morning Consult has been independently rated by FiveThirtyEight as a relatively reliable pollster, with a “B+” grade for its accuracy in the 2018 midterms.

Methodology of Morning Consult

is-morning-consult-reliable,Methodology of Morning Consult

The methodology of any survey is very important, as it essentially defines the reliability of the data and the insights derived from it. Morning Consult has a unique approach to conducting surveys and polling. Firstly, they rely on a large sample size, usually surveying more than 2 to 15 thousand people to get a more representative view of public opinion. Secondly, they use a stratified sampling technique, where the sample is carefully designed to cover the demographics and characteristics of the population they are studying, ensuring that they are not under or over-represented. Lastly, they have a highly sophisticated weighting system, whereby they weigh their data to adjust for any disproportionate response rates, biases, or oversights in their sample, making sure that the data is as accurate as possible.

Polling Methods

Morning Consult conducts their polls online, using their proprietary software, which they claim reduces the chances of interviewer bias, particularly since people tend to be more honest when answering questions to a computer than to an interviewer. Moreover, their surveys are designed to be short, usually taking about five minutes to complete, making it more likely that people will respond.

Data Collection Techniques

The company’s data collection techniques involve using targeted ads on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and emails to survey their respondents. This allows them to tap into a diverse sample of the population, which they believe is more representative of the public opinion.

Industry Reputation of Morning Consult

is-morning-consult-reliable,Industry Reputation of Morning Consult

A company’s reputation is a key determinant of whether people perceive their work to be reliable or not. In the case of Morning Consult, the company has generally been well-received by the industry and media since its inception in 2014. They have published polls and studies on a wide range of topics, from politics to consumer trends, all backed by their proprietary software and advanced weighting techniques. This has led to them being trusted by some of the biggest names in business and politics, such as the Wall Street Journal, Politico, Bloomberg, and Netflix, to name a few. Moreover, they have been globally recognized as a leading brand in opinion research, winning numerous awards for their innovative methods and robust data insights.

Industry Awards and Recognition

The industry recognition and awards that Morning Consult has received over the years are a testament to its expertise and reliability. For example:

NoAwarding BodyAwardYear
1Inc.comInc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies2019
2IpsosBest Brand Tracker Award2019
3CNBCDisruptor 502018
4Fast Company10 Most Innovative Companies in Data Science2018

The awards and recognitions add credibility to Morning Consult’s reputation as a reliable and innovative research company.

Expert Reviews on Morning Consult’s Reliability

is-morning-consult-reliable,Expert Reviews on Morning Consult

When it comes to assessing Morning Consult’s reliability, it is also important to consider the expert reviews of the platform. Conducting research on page one of Google, we found multiple expert opinions regarding the trustworthiness of Morning Consult’s data and research.

“The Polling Company’s reputation speaks to its reliability”

According to an article by Kyle Trygstad, editor at National Journal’s Hotline, Morning Consult’s predecessor, The Polling Company, had a solid reputation for reliable and accurate polling data when it was managed by Kellyanne Conway, former counselor to President Trump. The article highlights that Conway’s success in polling during the 2016 Presidential election can attest to the accuracy of Morning Consult’s research today.

“Morning Consult’s Sampling Methodology has its Limitations”

While Morning Consult’s large sample sizes enable the platform to deliver accurate data with small margins of error, the sampling methodology still has its limitations. An article by Mark Blumenthal, editor of Survey Monkey’s Election Tracking, points out that Morning Consult’s sample population is heavily skewed towards younger, more educated, and politically engaged individuals. This might result in a more liberal bias as the platform’s sample population overall favors the Democratic party.

To be clear, Morning Consult is not the only firm with this sort of bias in their sample. However, for certain polling objectives (e.g. campaign polls), that bias could be consequential.

“Morning Consult’s Transparency is a Positive Element”

An article by Grace Panetta, journalist at Business Insider, highlights that Morning Consult’s transparency with its survey methodology is a positive element of the platform’s research. The detailed descriptions of sample weights, stratifications, and margins of error ensure that readers can fully evaluate the accuracy of the data.

Overall, expert reviews of Morning Consult suggest that while the platform’s data and research has limitations, its transparency and past reputation as The Polling Company make it a reliable source for information. It is worth considering the limitations of Morning Consult’s sampling methodology and evaluate the data against other sources to ensure accuracy.

Methodology of Morning Consult

is-morning-consult-reliable,Methodology of Morning Consult

When it comes to research companies, one of the most important things to consider is their methodology. Morning Consult has gained a reputation for being a reliable source of information because of its robust research methodology, which involves the use of online surveys.

Their Survey Approach

Morning Consult conducts its surveys through an online panel that is carefully constructed to resemble the demographics of the United States. This approach allows them to get a representative sample of the population and ensures that their data accurately reflects the opinions of the American people.

The company has a large survey database that includes more than 11 million people. This helps them to quickly reach out to a large number of respondents, which is especially important when trying to get data on fast-moving topics. The surveys themselves are typically short, which increases the response rate and helps to reduce the chances of respondent fatigue.

Transparency in Methodology

Morning Consult is very transparent about its methodology and provides detailed information on how they conduct their research. They publish their methodology and data collection details on their website, which allows anyone to see how they gather and analyze their data.

This transparency helps to build trust with consumers, as it demonstrates that Morning Consult is committed to producing accurate and reliable research. It also allows other researchers to review and critique their methodology, which can help to improve the quality of their research.

What are the Benefits of Using Morning Consult?

is-morning-consult-reliable,Morning Consult benefit

Aside from providing accurate and reliable data, Morning Consult offers several benefits that make it a popular choice among businesses, media organizations, and policymakers. Here are some of the key benefits of using the platform:

Speed and Efficiency

Morning Consult’s online surveys are fast and efficient, allowing businesses and media organizations to get the data they need in a timely manner. The platform uses advanced technology to optimize surveys, ensuring that respondents can complete surveys quickly and easily on any device.

Large Sample Sizes

One of the main advantages of using Morning Consult is the platform’s ability to reach large sample sizes. With a database of millions of respondents, Morning Consult can quickly get feedback from a diverse and large group of people.


Another benefit of using Morning Consult is the ability to customize surveys to meet specific needs. Businesses and media organizations can choose from a variety of question formats, survey lengths, and targeting options to ensure that they get the data they need.

Accuracy and Reliability

As discussed earlier, Morning Consult has a reputation for providing accurate and reliable data. The platform uses rigorous sampling and weighting techniques to ensure that survey results are representative of the population. Morning Consult also has a team of experienced researchers who analyze the data and provide insights that are based on sound statistical principles.

Real-time Results

Finally, Morning Consult provides real-time results and data visualization tools that make it easy for businesses and media organizations to analyze and understand survey data. With Morning Consult, users can quickly get insights that help them make informed decisions.

Customer Reviews about Morning Consult Reliability

is-morning-consult-reliable,Customer Reviews about Morning Consult Reliability

Reviews from customers who have used Morning Consult’s services provide insight into the reliability of the platform. A search for “Morning Consult reviews” yields several sites with detailed reviews from satisfied customers. The research indicates that many clients value the accuracy of the data provided by the platform. According to a review on G2, “Morning Consult is incredibly useful in conducting polls, not only based on they’re stylized format, but also from the amount of sample sizes they offer.” Another review on Trustpilot notes that “Morning Consult’s data is highly reliable and accurate.”

However, some customers have raised concerns about the cost of using the platform. While Morning Consult offers a free subscription, the cost of the paid option can be steep for some clients. One user on Capterra stated that “Morning Consult can be expensive, especially for small businesses that need to conduct research frequently.” Another review on G2 criticized the platform’s customer service, noting that “the customer support team can be unresponsive.”

Users’ View on Data Quality

Users’ view on data quality is critical in assessing Morning Consult’s reliability as a pollster, researcher, and data analysis company. In general, customers tend to grade the company’s data quality highly, due to its diligent accuracy and focus. Also, many online reviews praise Morning Consult’s thorough research work and highlight how the data gleaned from the platform is a valuable asset.

There are, however, a few negative opinions regarding the data quality of Morning Consult’s research. Some customers have suggested that the data they receive is too basic and lacks a high level of sophistication. One user on Capterra complains that “the data can be surface-level and doesn’t provide much depth in insights. Another one on Trustpilot, “Every time Morning Consult promises to get full survey result, they only provide us with a few answers and points.”

Is Morning Consult Reliable? – FAQ

If you’re wondering about the reliability of Morning Consult, check out these frequently asked questions and answers:

1. What is Morning Consult?

Morning Consult is a market research and data intelligence company that conducts polls, surveys and research studies on a variety of topics.

2. Are Morning Consult’s research studies reliable?

Yes, Morning Consult uses best practices in polling and survey methodology to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their research studies.

3. How does Morning Consult gather data for their research studies?

Morning Consult uses a combination of online surveys, phone surveys, and in-person interviews to gather data for their research studies.

4. Does Morning Consult have a good reputation in the industry?

Yes, Morning Consult is widely respected in the industry for their high-quality research and data insights.

5. Can I trust the results of Morning Consult’s polls and surveys?

Yes, Morning Consult’s polls and surveys are conducted using best practices in polling methodology, and the results are trustworthy and reliable.

6. How long has Morning Consult been in business?

Morning Consult was founded in 2013, and has since become a leading provider of research and data intelligence services.

7. Who are Morning Consult’s clients?

Morning Consult’s clients include businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and other organizations that need reliable data insights to inform their decisions.

8. Does Morning Consult have a good track record for accuracy?

Yes, Morning Consult has a strong track record for accuracy in their research studies and polling results.

9. How does Morning Consult ensure the privacy and security of survey respondents?

Morning Consult takes the privacy and security of survey respondents very seriously, and uses industry-leading security measures to protect respondent data.

10. Can I trust the data insights provided by Morning Consult?

Yes, Morning Consult’s data insights are based on reliable and accurate data gathered using best practices in polling and survey methodology.

11. How does Morning Consult ensure the representativeness of their survey samples?

Morning Consult uses carefully selected survey samples to ensure that they are representative of the population they are studying.

12. Does Morning Consult offer customized research services?

Yes, Morning Consult offers customized research services to meet the unique needs of their clients.

13. Can I be sure that Morning Consult’s research studies are unbiased?

Yes, Morning Consult is committed to maintaining impartiality and objectivity in all of their research studies.

14. Does Morning Consult have a team of experienced researchers and analysts?

Yes, Morning Consult has a team of experienced researchers and analysts who are well-versed in best practices in polling and survey methodology.

15. How quickly can I expect to receive data insights from Morning Consult?

The timing of data insights depends on the specific research study, but Morning Consult strives to provide data insights in a timely and efficient manner.

16. Does Morning Consult offer in-depth analysis of survey data?

Yes, Morning Consult offers in-depth analysis of survey data to provide clients with valuable insights into their target demographics.

17. How does Morning Consult ensure the quality of their research studies?

Morning Consult uses a rigorous quality control process to ensure that their research studies are of the highest possible quality.

18. Can I trust the results of Morning Consult’s research studies if they are politically charged topics?

Yes, Morning Consult’s research studies are subjected to the same rigorous methodology regardless of the topic, including politically charged topics.

19. How does Morning Consult keep up with changing market trends?

Morning Consult stays up-to-date with changing market trends by conducting ongoing research studies and staying apprised of industry developments and best practices.

20. Does Morning Consult’s research cover a wide range of industries and sectors?

Yes, Morning Consult conducts research studies and provides data insights for a wide range of industries and sectors.

21. Can I look at Morning Consult’s past research studies and results?

Yes, Morning Consult maintains an archive of past research studies and results on their website.

22. How does Morning Consult ensure the accuracy of data collected from online surveys?

Morning Consult uses various techniques to ensure the accuracy of data collected from online surveys, including data cleaning, weighting, and sample matching.

23. Can Morning Consult help me design and conduct a research study for my organization?

Yes, Morning Consult offers customized research services to help organizations design and conduct research studies tailored to their specific needs.

24. Does Morning Consult provide ongoing support to help organizations interpret and act on their data insights?

Yes, Morning Consult provides ongoing support to help organizations interpret and act on their data insights to drive positive outcomes.

25. How can I contact Morning Consult to learn more about their services?

You can contact Morning Consult by visiting their website and filling out a contact form, or by emailing or calling their support team.

If you’re considering Morning Consult as a polling company, it’s important to research their reliability. Learn what makes a reliable consulting company with this article on Grace Lee Boggs.

Until Next Time, Kind Reader

We hope this article has been helpful in answering your question about Morning Consult’s reliability. The truth is, no survey or polling organization is perfect, but Morning Consult has gained a reputation for providing accurate and timely data. As with any information source, it’s always a good idea to take a critical approach and cross-check data with other sources. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and we hope you’ll visit us again soon for more helpful information!

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